AM Rewards

Helping drivers & fleets gain pricing power, while also sending customers to the most deserving dealers, shops & brokers. The AutoMarketplace Rewards Program is meant to provide discounts to those who use our directory and help share pricing insight.

How does it work?

✅ Step 1. Sign-Up

Simple sign-up process: e-mail and name. Money is not exchanged on our site; we do not require any credit card or bank account details to interact on

📅 Step 2. Message & Book

Use our messaging and booking tools to communicate with dealers, shops and brokers. You can start a conversation on and then call a dealer, shop or broker as well. However, the booking appointment request must be made and confirmed through the website to earn rewards. We provide vendor phone numbers for all of our listings.

📧 Step 3. Send Us Your Invoice

Once you visit dealer, shop or broker and transact, email or message us your invoice at [email protected]. You can hide or black out any personal information, we’re just focused on an invoice’s breakdown (parts, labor rate, taxes, etc).

Step 4. Earn Rewards, Get Discounts

After you send us your first validated invoice, we’ll create a coupon that can be used at any shop listed on We’ll send you this coupon by email. If you send us more validated invoices, the coupons and benefits increase. A validated invoice simply means we confirm the invoice is real and relates to a booking made on