• About Us

    Before starting AutoMarketplace, we operated a fleet company in New York City, registering over two million city miles. We learned many expensive lessons, but also developed automotive expertise.

    From identifying trustable local auto repair providers to saving on parts to preventive maintenance, we managed to significantly reduce our operating costs (i.e., cost per mile). Experience and data helped inform more thoughtful maintenance spend.

    AutoMarketplace is born from our experience spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on auto repair & maintenance in New York City.

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  • Confirmed Pricing,
    No Surprises

    AutoMarketplace connects drivers to leading local mechanics, technicians and automotive vendors. Finding trustable auto repair & service providers with transparent pricing is difficult. Two out of three Americans don’t trust auto repair shops*.

    Our listings offer confirmed discounted pricing on common auto repair & services from trustable local shops. There are no vague estimates, dishonest upselling or surprises .

    *AAA Survey

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  • Warranty on All Work

    All vendors on the platform warranty their work, providing an additional layer of comfort. Warranty terms vary by the service provider, but are clearly described in each listing. We believe our screening processes and unique vendor incentive structure help ensure only best in class businesses are on the platform.

  • Respecting Your Time

    Our vendors try their best to complete jobs within the time estimate and communicate any delays immediately.

  • Financing Auto Repair & BNPL

    According to AAA, 64 million American drivers (one in three) are unable to pay for unexpected car repairs without going into debt. This is why we've integrated leading Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) provider Affirm as a payment option. In addition, we also have our own BNPL program for selected users (click here to learn more).

  • Web3 & User Ownership

    The rise of the internet (Web1) in the 1990s saw the creation of online marketplaces, such as eBay, which laid the foundation for modern day eCommerce, interactive, increasingly done on smartphones and based on monetizing a user's personal data (Web2). Today, the internet is going through another transformational change (Web3), enabled by blockchain technology.

    On Web3, eCommerce is reimagined, platforms are majority-owned and controlled by users, who benefit from monetizing their data and participation. AutoMarketplace is built for this new paradigm.

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