🤔 AM Rewards

AutoMarketplace.com is built for the blockchain. Ownership in the marketplace’s rewards program is represented by crypto tokens (built on the Ethereum and Solana blockchains).

🪙 Earning Tokens

Automarketplace.com tokens are earned in four primary ways. Our goal is for 80% of all tokens to be owned outside management.

🛒 Transactions (#)
📊 Transactions (volume)
🗣️ Referrals

  • 🟩 Proposed Tokenomics

    20 million reward tokens will be created. The founders & management will be allocated 20% of all tokens, but have voting control of strategic decisions to ensure AutoMarketplace is efficiently run. To correctly incentivize continued usage of the marketplace, Tokens will have a 2% annual inflation rate after all 20 million tokens are distributed. Tokens will be distributed to users after 20 million tokens are earned and regulatory approvals received (see below).

    Pie Chart of Tokenonmics
  • ⚖️ Regulations & 📈 Valuation

    As the regulatory environment related to blockchain tokens (crypto assets) is evolving,  we want to ensure any token structure we build is in compliance with federal and state laws and regulations. Although a user will never pay for a token, a conservative interpretation of certain existing laws may deem them securities subject to a host of securities regulations.

    Therefore, our path to making AutoMarketplace user owned, via tokens, is through a rewards program built on the blockchain. A blockchain token enabled rewards program is clearly allowed under current regulations. The rewards program will not only serve as the foundational building block of AutoMarketplace's ultimate value, but also have benefits similar to other reward programs, such as discounts on goods & services.

    Once all reward tokens are earned, we will apply for a NY State BitLicense,  This will allow us to officially distribute (known as an “Airdrop”) and list the tokens 🪙 on well-known crypto exchanges, such as Coinbase. We believe as the crypto asset class gains mass adoption in the coming years, regulations will become clearer.

    Ultimately the value of AutoMarketplace tokens will be related to not only the profitability of AutoMarketplace, but also the value of the rewards program and community.